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Did you know that you can save up to 25% off your HVAC costs with zero capex?

The Problem

The built sector is the largest contributor to climate change utilising 60% of the worlds electricity. Existing BMS systems are far from accurate. They are only capable of running scheduled based optimisation and do not take into account dynamic and external changes in the environment. As a result, building owners lose money and it contributes greatly to the CO2 of the planet.

The Solution

AI-powered energy Efficiency

At Arloid we believe that the technology created by human kind should be used to create a better world and move us one step closer to achieving net zero. Using Deep Reinforcement Learning these tools can continuously analyse endless combinations of site-specific factors to determine the most efficient parameters for each autonomous zone in real time. Leading to 40% energy cost reduction, 40% carbon footprint reduction and all of this without compromising occupant comfort.
30 %
Energy cost reduction: up to 30%
30 %
Lower CO2 footprint: up to 30%
Live Building
Live Environments
Specifics of Each
Building Zone
Humidity &

5,000+ daily live micro-adjustments
to the temperature ecosystem

With Arloid, your building becomes smarter. With the use of our technology, you will see reduced HVAC costs, a lower carbon footprint, improved occupant comfort, and an extension in the lifetime of your equipment.

How do we acheive our results?

Real time efficient

By using an advanced algorithm that works using live data in real time, Arloid AI Solution can deliver optimal HVAC performance – creating a more comfortable and more efficient building at the same time.

Efficient AI training

Aside from internal stimulants, Arloid AI uses external factors including weather conditions and air humidity as well as millions of data points from previously trained AI models.

Quick integration

Furthermore, this model requires no additional investment. We install it to your existing systems so it is quick and easy to deploy.

Where is Arloid currently deployed?

Trusted by customers in real estate around the world, deployed on over

59201507 sq. ft.

What Buildings Can Benefit?

  • Hotels

    Hotels diversity is unique
    Hotels are the most diverse buildings we work with. Converted English manor houses, brand new towers in Dubai, beach resorts in southern Asia – they all have one thing in common. Guest comfort is paramount so our AI learns the exact nature of each hotel and zones each one into microclimates to enhance comfort.
  • Shopping Malls

    We appreciate experience retail
    Retail is a consumer experience, which means Net Zero must not diminish consumer comfort. Our AI breaks malls into microclimate zones, reducing HVAC energy use while converging on global comfort indexes for each zone – be it walking through open concourses, sitting down to dinner or browsing in luxury stores.
  • Airports

    We appreciate airport strategy
    We know why duty-free corridors arc to the left, that security is more than scanners, and how business critical the “golden hour” is. So we understand the many zones that need micromanaging to keep people moving or keep people static, which is why our AI optimises HVAC in real time to get each zone perfect.
  • Hospitals

    Hospital history is unique
    We know hospitals evolve, resulting in highly varied campuses of complex wings and buildings with very different ages and uses. That’s why our multi-cloud AI works across any BMS system and HVAC infrastructure within hospitals – optimising energy, safety and comfort from most advanced to the longest-standing facilities.
  • Universities

    Universities are unique institutions
    Rapidly evolving expectations and programmes for students, researchers and academics means flexibility is important – tomorrow will not be the same as today. So in universities our AI reduces energy and optimises comfort by learning from live data instead of regression modelling based on old information.
  • Data Centers

    Energy matters locally too
    Data may be global but every centre is local. Local weather, culture and data peaks changes quickly. Our AI for data centres works on live data rather than past trends, so it optimises temperatures within each zone of each data centre every minute of every day for real life conditions, not estimates or averages.
  • Expo Centers

    Expo has a dynamic environment
    While expo experience a very dynamic operation, where some people walk fast to catch a meeting and others stay by the stand, HVAC is not dynamic, leading to a massive overcooling of space.
  • Warehouses

    Warehouses are complex
    Maintaining a proper environment in warehouses is vital, which can be different depending on the goods stored and the location. Arloid AI will zone the premises, establish the microclimates, and ensure that it is satisfied while using the least energy-consuming HVAC settings.
  • Mosques

    Darul Ghufran: The First Smart Mosque in Singapore
    Darul Ghufran, the largest mosque in Singapore decided to embark on a green journey in 2019. After renovating the establishment, Darul Ghufran actively focused on becoming a smart building and took impactful steps to reduce the energy and carbon footprint of the building. In 2021, Arloid Automation and Darul Ghufran’s journey to becoming the first mosque utilizing Artificial Intelligence in Singapore commenced.

What do our clients and partners think?

“We are excited to see in action delivering real savings especially considering the recent energy price hikes. We value our fair commercial arrangement and the fact that the system is safe and reliable. We look forward to seeing in other mosques in Singapore.”
— Muhammed Faizal Abdollah,
Mosque Executive Chairman
“We trust the technology and People behind Arloid, together we’ll change a vision to a reality”
— Marwan Baassiri,
Managing Partner of Sigma Integrated Technical Services L.L.C
“We are always looking for the best innovative solutions for our customers. With Arloid Automation, AI based on Cloud, we help our customers to optimize their energy consumption, reducing costs and minimizing their carbon footprint.”
— Javier Aguado La Iglesia,
Cloud Services Director at myCloudDoor
“We are excited as well and engaging in full thrust with the potential customers, and definitely will meet down the road to talk about the strategy ahead.”
— InTech

Start saving in 4 easy steps

NDA and Term Sheet Signing

Preliminary Analysis

  • Energy site survey
  • Historical data analysis
  • IPMVP compliant baseline development
  • Preparation of IPMVP compliant Measurement & Verification plan

14 calendar days

Building Connection

  • Arloid engineers will connect to the site HVAC infrastructure within 1 hour
  • Arloid will establish connection with each available device at the site

14 calendar days

Service Agreement Signing

AI Calibration

  • Arloid will create a digital twin of the site which will be fed with new data for 30 days
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithm will simulate during this time to prepare for operations
Grace Period

30 calendar days

Service Agreement Prolongation

Savings Period

  • Continuous AI operations in the building
  • Live HVAC anomalies detection
  • Continuous AI improvement based on feedback
  • Savings tracking
Savings Sharing

12 billing cycles +

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How much will it cost?

At Arloid we believe that you shouldn’t pay for our services until you see results. That’s why we use Arloid’s Fair Pricing Promise: You won’t pay unless you save!

How much will I save?

30 %
*estimated amount based on our existing customers

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