Powerful AI algorithm

A building-Specific

No estimated

Responds in real time
to live data

No two buildings are the same. Every building is complex. Legacy data is imperfect. Manual HVAC scheduling is limiting. We have a perfect solution. Our advanced algorithm processes live data in real-time to deliver the optimal settings unique to your building.

Accurate Building Model

Factors in construction

Identifies HVAC
infrastructure locations

Recognises District
heating and cooling

You might expect us to ask where the aircon units are and what coolant you use. Did you know we also ask what the building is made of and where the pipework runs?

Our AI takes into account the occupancy rate, thermal impact of the building materials and much more to get everything just right.

Digital Twin calibration

~300,000 simulation
cycles for each building

Compares simulation results to the actual data

Calibrates itself
and simulates again

To build an identical Digital Twin to your site we run 300,000 iterations to calibrate our model. We learn about your building thermal behaviour. We perfect our model for every HVAC device in your building.

Building Performance Insights

Minimizing comfort
indexes deviation

Reducing coolant, energy and fuel consumption

Aligning to carbon footprint targets

We divide the building on micro zones to achieve maximum accuracy in our calculations. We train our AI to manage each and every one of the areas defining the best settings drawing on external factors such as temperature, humidity, airflow, CO² emission, occupancy rate, pollution levels.

The Simulation

Base line for
twelve months

Potential savings – energy, costs and CO² emission

All based on the data specific to your building

We present you a baseline – the optimal settings for your building with no AI management. We present you the recommended parameters as our AI suggests. The difference between the two is your potential savings.


No contract obligation

No disruption to your operations

Full transparency

Our dashboard shows you all the actual data and compares to the agreed baseline. You can see the savings as we save you money. You retain full control over the HVAC, you can make adjustments as you wish. You can switch the AI off. Although no one has done so.
*based on our most recent 15,000,000 sq. ft

One Last Thing


Can use any BMS protocols

Compatible with most of HVAC systems

Maybe you fear your HVAC is not suitable, your cloud is incompatible or your BMS is unconventional. Don’t worry. We are trusted to work with any cloud service and can use any BMS protocols including BACnet, ModBus and LON. We also already work with both the most advanced and historic HVAC.
*Our AI also works with on-site servers

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